Rousseau Project

Exotic Landscape - Printing on Bag

I came across Hayden Norwood's tutorial for printing on bags on the Perfectly Imperfect blog  and had to try it myself with an image.  Since  I was working on a treat to go along with the Henri Rousseau, Meet The Masters project I was presenting for my son's class I decided to use his painting Exotic Landscape, 1910  for my image.  At first I followed the instructions exactly and tried it with a standard brown paper bag and it worked.  But I wanted a white background so the image would show up better.  It took awhile to figure out how to print these without getting black smudges at the edges and sometimes across the image.  I just kept trying different types and and found that the smoother the bag you use the better.  Then I adjusted the size and placement so that if there was going to be a bit of smudge it would end up on the bottom of the bag.  I put an orange, a Citra Sipper and an MTM Rousseau diploma inside each bag as a treat to go along with the lesson.