June 6, 2016

Have you seen those DIY 3D alphabet letter tutorials on pinterest?  I decided to try this one http://www.dickblick.com/ProjectIdeas/Architectural-Letters/   using all paper instead of chip board and using materials I had around the house.  It worked my way but took longer than I anticipated and probably would have worked out better if I'd followed the instructions to the letter.  Still, the kids had fun painting these today and have a base to continue on with later if they want to decoupage them or add more detail.  I substituted card stock for chip board but used the cup and glue method they suggested for forming the letters.  I also didn't have the correct tape, I used Shurtape packing tape.  Mine worked but I can see how the flat gummed craft tape (which is not easy to find at stores) would have worked better.  Then I ran out of the tape so I switched to the traditional paper-maché method of glue and water for the rest of the letters.  That method is more time consuming but there is something really soothing about that process of dipping the strips of paper and applying.