November 2017

So, here's what's been going on in my garage/studio lately.  It smells really good in there.  There's something soothing about working on basic shapes like this.  These wings are driving me a little crazy, though.  I've been adding to them almost daily but when I go back out the next day it as if no work has been done.  I find myself sneaking out to try to catch the little gremlins who are sneaking away my additions. I feel a bit like a little kid watching carefully for the pet rock to move.  Must do more research if I am going to continue working with lavender and rosemary and other plant materials.  I planted these plants when we first rented here which has left me thinking about the feudal system as I work.  If these were wild boar I'd caught I suppose I would have to leave a portion at the doorstep of my landlord.  What do you think? I haven't made any money from them and was only trying not to waste the overgrowth.