Meet The Masters

Here are some of the projects I did when I was volunteering at my son’s school with the Meet The Masters art program and a few other volunteer craft projects I put together for children. These were all done with materials that I either bought or made myself and were not for profit.

I did a lot of searching online for inspiration for these hoping to see more of what other MTM volunteers had done and also because I wanted to try to make something original. That is more difficult than you might imagine. :) I’m posting these here because I want to have them all in one place for my own reference but I also thought they might be helpful for people going through the same thing.

I do my best to list my influences and credit my sources but if you think I failed to credit you please let me know. I might not agree but at the very least we can discuss it and perhaps clear up hard feelings. We’re all working with mostly the same materials and sometimes we arrive at the same place by accident.

This first one was so simple. It was for a childrens Christmas party and needed to be something easy that could be done at their desks . It started with this doodle of mine. I also did a panda bear version of this for our holiday gift cards.


These handmade crayons were made to go along with a segment on the artist Georges Seurat. I made them dot shaped to reference pointillism and at first wasn’t happy with how the colors blended together. I wanted them to look more speckled. But, I like them better now when I look back. We’re awfully hard on ourselves sometimes, huh?


I hope to find some more images of the Norman Rockwell project to add here later.


These were take home kits I made (a few years ago) for the kids at my sons school to accompany their Meet The Masters project on Faith Ringgold. They contained a small print of her work and a FujiFilm picture of themselves with frame along with bits of handmade paper to glue to the frame to create a quilt like look.