The Dream


These little torn paper flowers were inspired by Rousseau’s painting The Dream. I’d started this project awhile back after a printing fail of this image for another project but got frustrated and scrapped the whole thing.

The recent batch of paper I made recalled the tones of that misprint so I decided to start again. This funny exotic looking flower is worth doing a hundred times even if it’s been done before. Just call them “studies” I tell myself. The first one started spontaneously with a tiny little bit of petal shaped paper. I know, I know, it’s just another flower but I like them. That sort of repetition that occurs within a craft kind of drives me crazy so I might seem a little bit obsessive about communicating my sources, inspiration and how things come about. I honestly have not received one piece of feedback from this journal so I don’t think anyone is reading this anyway but it helps me keep track of things.

Printing mechanics are not my strength and it took me a few tries to get everything correct when I was working on Completion Certificates for my son’s class MTM Rousseau Art segment. These are all led by volunteers. The original certificates were from the home school version of the Meet the Master’s Art Program that I found and purchased online when I was doing this. It was awhile back so I don’t remember exactly how much I enhanced the open source images I found but I did a little work on them and and added them to the certificates to help inspire the kids to remember and connect the image to the artist.

Anyway, just a note on how old (over four years ago) mistakes sometimes generate new work. That’s why I kept those old trial layouts and misprints . I thought I might use them for some paper mash project. Paper Mache / Assemblage if we’re being proper.

Henri Rousseau was apparently self taught and retired at 49 to become a full time artists. And while it is often said that he was another one of those artists who was laughed at during his lifetime, he was friends with his contemporaries, he exhibited a decent amount of work and received commissions. Don’t mean to simplify a life that seems to have been riddled with misfortune but go look at what he made, vibrant, mysterious, playful, large-scale work.