Exorcising my Obsession

Exorcising my Obsession

The last few weeks have been about completing something I started a long time ago and trying not to use the word “I” so much. But, it’s a journal. So, I have a few more elements to go and I will have just about worked through my obsession with this artist. There was a lot to learn in this process not so much technique wise but about the artist. Some of it was unpleasant but then cathartic and delightful too. I'm sure much of it has been hashed out already in papers and books etc. so I won't discuss it here until I've been to the library. Maybe when I'm truly finished. Still need a jug, a primate, and some jungle. At least. Guess I'm not so done. There’s more on this artist further back in my blog if you’re interested, Henri Rousseau Bag Tutorial.

Some of the best advice I've ever received from another artist was that when you explore a subject you should really explore it, like do it every way you can imagine. And I've received similar advice from my favorite poetry teacher. However, that is very difficult in practice. It takes a long time and might appear kind of scattered until you pull it all together which I'm learning might take a lifetime. As an artist that's a pretty scary truth to confront.

Not just referring to Henri Rousseau here but in the future if I'm going to be inspired by other artists I hope they're ones who weren't quite so tortured and driven by madness.

Would love to hear your suggestions and to hear about who inspires you.