Don't Worry


Don’t Worry

Maybe you’ll find your twin.

If you find yourself worrying about accidentally copying someone when you’re making and that’s inhibiting you sharing, don’t worry. (That’s different than blatantly stealing). Maybe it’s because you have a sibling out there that you don’t know about and they see your stuff and start to get mad becuse it’s just like theirs. So then they think well, maybe there is a perfectly good explanation for this and then they go and do a little research and discover that you’re their sibling, a twin, or a multiple. Then you can all turn around and get mad together at whoever did this to you. And mad at those disgusting twin studies by Neubauer and the people who didn’t inform adoptive families that their child was a multiple and maybe mad enough to get those folks at Yale to give you access to the documents that pertain to you. Because right now they can’t unless your request is approved under the terms laid out by the Child Development Center of the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services. It’s troubling that people might be denied access to information that could improve the lives of living people or help them explain strange events or behaviors of their relatives. These studies had an effect on more than just the participants but their friends and extended families as well.

I guess I’m about a year late in my reaction.